Download Entry Form The Athens Ohio Roller Derby team and the Appalachian Hell Betties are hosting a fan art contest. Contestants are encouraged to showcase their skills in representing roller derby bad-assery for use on T-shirts, shot glasses and new merchandise, [Read more…]



Choosing a derby name is supposed to be a right of passage that closes the identity gap between who you are off the track and who you become once you strap on the skates. But for me [Read more…]


Every Sunday 4:45 to 7pm – ongoing until further notice. We are looking to train new recruits that are interested in becoming Rollergirls, Referees, or Non-Skating Officials. No experience necessary, we train all skill levels! However, prior [Read more…]


For Pricing and Details Download Our Sponsorship PDF So, perhaps you and your business have never considered sponsorship or charitable giving…especially to a Roller Derby League. Better yet, perhaps you and your business have already discovered that sponsorship and charitable giving can successfully expose your [Read more…]


Interested in becoming a skater for Athens Ohio Roller Derby?