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The Betties and Their Beasts: Crash Test Honey

Did you know that Athens Ohio Roller Derby is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to giving back to our community? Our upcoming July 14 bout, “Betties & Brews: Dog Days of Summer,” will feature New Beginnings Animal Center, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting their incredible organization. So, in celebration of our lovable, furry companions, we bring you today’s installment of “The Betties & Their Beasts.” Enjoy!

  • Your Derby Name & #: Crash Test Honey #149
  • Your Position: Rec skater
  • Playing since: Sept. 2017
  • Your Pets’ Names & Ages: Daisy, 4
    Maximus, 10
    Buttercup, 2
    Your Pets’ Derby Names & Positions: Crazy Daisy a.k.a. “The Head Biter”, Blocker
    Maxie the “Poo,” Zebra
    Butter N Slam, Jammer
  • What Your Pets Mean to You: In addition to being companions, my pets provide lots of entertainment: The cat likes to rub up against the dogs then smack them in the face. The dogs wrestle almost every night, usually as soon as the TV is turned on. Max, a corgi-chow mix that we adopted from a shelter, is on his third or fourth life. Most recently, the vet resuscitated him after he got a bone wedged in his throat. Our lab/border collie mix, another shelter rescue, is afraid of pretty much everything except her food, which is the key to her heart. Buttercup came to us bloodied and skinny but within a day let the dogs know who was boss in the house. Our pets are part of the family.


crash and beast 2

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