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The Betties and Their Beasts: Katie

Did you know that Athens Ohio Roller Derby is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to giving back to our community? Our upcoming July 14 bout, “Betties & Brews: Dog Days of Summer,” will feature New Beginnings Animal Center, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting their incredible organization. So, in celebration of our lovable, furry companions, we bring you today’s installment of “The Betties & Their Beasts.”


  • Your Name: Katie
  • Your Position: Fresh Meat/HNSO
  • Pets’ Names: Cute-Stuff Mama-Cheetah Princess Evans and Gecko-Man
  • Pets’ Derby Names: Royal Pain and Slamonella
  • Pets’ Derby Positions: Bench Coach/Lap Warmer and Jammer
  • What They Mean To Me: Everything!! They are my kids and I spoil them rotten.

katie and beast 2



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