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Family Jewls #10

Position(s): Blocker, Jammer

Skating since: October 2011

Day job: Occupational Therapist

Hobbies: Time with friends/family/fur babies, roller derby, traveling, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, camping, playing guitar/singing, watching live music, snowboarding, oddities, movies, photography, crafts

Why roller derby? Roller derby saved my soul. It only took one practice and I was hooked! This sport has been instrumental with enabling me to grow into a stronger, more confident, and independent person. Roller derby is physically and mentally demanding, a challenge I enjoy. Another perk with derby is that I now have an even larger family - plus friends in every city with a derby league. No matter what life obstacles occur, roller derby and my derby family have been there through thick and thin.

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Roller derby ref, computer programmer, husband, pet servant, eclectic guy. That about says it all, except the other stuff.

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