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The Indominus Hex #42

Position(s): Blocker, Pivot

Tagline: "She'll pack you in and take you out!"

Skating since: August 2015

Day job: Chef Night Job: Hot Dog Master

Hobbies: Derby! Skatepark, reading comic books, video games, watching action/thriller/horror/thought-provoking drama movies, painting, singing

Why roller derby? Roller derby saved me from a dark place. When I first came to Athens I felt broken from losing my closest friend and lover, John. Thankfully, my dad (Stray Taco) and my Bonus mom (Final Straw) helped me get through it. One thing I didn't do at first though, was listen to them when they kept telling me that I should try roller derby. They thought I'd love it. Years went by and I didn't listen and I still felt disarrayed. Finally, I went to my first bout with Dad, Deanna, and some Hell Betties (I think it was Luna, Gypsy, Jo and Bruzer?). It was OHRD and I very vaguely knew the rules, but one thing I did know, was that I wanted to do what Val Holla and the Smacktivist were doing! I went from confused to cheering my butt off by the end! I still wouldn't join though! It wouldn't be until I saw the Hell Betties play the Poison Apples that I finally got the courage to ask one of the badass Jammers (Bruzer Von Hammerstein) to join the team. She welcomed me with open arms and seemed excited about the idea of me joining! I felt included and excited to do something new I told myself I would never let myself give up on this. That I would always push myself to be the best derby girl I could be! That simple goal has gotten me to where I am today, mastering skills and truly learning to play and be an important part of my derby team. These people have empowered me to be a woman I can be proud of, to work on my social skills so I can be the friend I want to be and the daughter, granddaughter, cousin, and niece my family deserves, living on happily despite losing John (while never forgetting). I'm obviously still not where I want to be, but this life is a journey and I'm so glad derby became a part of mine.

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Roller derby ref, computer programmer, husband, pet servant, eclectic guy. That about says it all, except the other stuff.

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