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Lucky Roller #13

Position: Blocker

Day job: Accountant

Skating since: March 2015 

Hobbies: Spending time with family, pets, and friends, derby, photography, geocaching

Why roller derby? I have wanted to try roller derby ever since seeing the movie Whip It. A sport that encouraged a bunch of roller skating athletes to promote wellness, confidence, and camaraderie all while having fun? Sign me UP! When I found out one of my friend and coworkers, (Bruzer Von Hammerstein) was on a roller derby team, I was initially shocked that a local team existed, let alone that I knew someone who was on the team and who would later encourage me to join, I decided to try out a fresh meat practice. I went into it with the belief that I would go to one practice and come out with, "Hey, at least I tried it." More than two years later, having had no other athletic experience, I am in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally. I am more confident in my own life and in helping others maintain a confident, positive attitude. I have gained some wonderful friends who I would consider family at this point. Most of my life I have focused on the well being of other people. Derby is the one selfish thing I do for myself. I love it!

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Roller derby ref, computer programmer, husband, pet servant, eclectic guy. That about says it all, except the other stuff.

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