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Maim Squeeze #48

Position(s): Blocker

Skating since: September 2016

Day job: Executive Assistant, wife, stepmom, grandmother

Hobbies: Derby, jeeps/offroading, family/friends, pets

Why roller derby? I joined roller derby as a way to stay physically active. I hadn’t skated in many years, but roller skating was a BIG part of my childhood. Rolling out onto the floor at my first fresh meat practice felt a lot like “coming home.” Not only has roller derby taken exercise to a whole new level, it has taught me a lot about control, fast thinking, self-improvement, and being a team player. I love the diversity in derby and that skaters come in all ages, professions, shapes, and sizes. Most of all, I love the sense of community and how the teams come together after bouts for parties, high fives, compliments, and group pics. It truly is a sisterhood.

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Roller derby ref, computer programmer, husband, pet servant, eclectic guy. That about says it all, except the other stuff.

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