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Voracious D #83

Position(s): I like them all!

Tagline: Looking hungry for her next snack, it’s number eighty-three, Voracious D.

Skating since: Fall 2017

Day job: HR Manager

Hobbies: Derby, running, skiing, snowboarding, riding bikes, walking my dog, Sudoku puzzles, reading, singing, eating/cooking and getting crafty.

Why roller derby?  A current team member and friend tried to talk me into derby for about a year before I finally attended a bout. She just knew it would be something I could get into. At the bout, I went from utterly amazed to completely interested in strapping on some skates and giving it a whirl! As soon as there was a call for Fresh Meat, I was in. Roller derby is a unique blend of other sports I’ve tried over the years and satisfies my craving for intense exercise. After just a few months with the team, I can’t imagine my life without roller derby in it.


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